Length: 95cm

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CODE: 1210003


  • Barrel: in Aluminum alloy. Innovative profile to facilitate mounting of the slings in tension. Integrated shaft groove.
  • Double muzzle: allows mounting of parallel elastics or a circular elastic.
  • Handle: new anatomical handle with open visibility for quick aiming. Line release trigger and safety in highstrength, shockproof Nylon.
  • Triggering device: in Stainless Steel, laser cut with added antifriction polishing of every single component Sling: in latex, amber coloured, 17.5 mm diameter.
  • Sling: in latex, amber couloured, 17.5 mm diameter .
  • Shaft: PR80 in treated steel.
  • Comes with: High-strength Nylon line, Ø 1.40 mm.
  • Optional: Reel for Thunder and Thunder Twin sling guns. Nylon line, according to diameter, up to 25 mt. Adjustable system to facilitate the rolling up.