Length:  135cm




CODE: 1210025

Barrel: with 30 mm diam. circular section. Made of extruded aluminium Series 6060 Anticorodal with rib underneath and special Kama or Makaira camouflage finish (version Guun Kama and Guun Makaira). Integrated saddle-shaft guide • Muzzle: open with housing for two circular slings with speargun line fixing system to lock the shaft • Handle: ergonomic shape, made of two materials with different densities. Ideal for prolonged use. Watertight handle in the barrel, even with extreme loads through double O-ring housed in a special independent pivoting internal drum • Triggering device: in stainless steel, laser cut and with anti-friction polishing of every single component • Sling: double circular Progressive Power Green D dyneema with special compound and special green lining to guarantee greater resistance to abrasion and to UV rays. Diameter 16 mm • Shaft: heat-treated 17-4 PH stainless steel, Shark type with smaller laser-welded fins. Diameter 7 mm • Standard: Gun Reel 50 reel without line.