Speargun Bag


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Designed for underwater hunting enthusiasts, this speargun bag combines practicality, protection and style. The Beuchat speargun bag is your new partner during your underwater adventures.

Beuchat has created this speargun bag to meet the needs of those who love the sea and spearfishing.

Double capacity: 

Designed to carry two spearfishing speargun , this bag provides a secure place to carry your spearfishing equipment.


Possibility of folding the top of the case which allows you to adjust the space according to the size of your spearguns. This feature guarantees a perfect fit for every diving trip.


The lockable closure with lock (not included) offers extra protection for your valuable spearfishing equipment when out at sea.

Simple, modern design:

Made of nylon the new Beuchat speargun cover combines durability and aesthetics. Its sleek design showcases Beuchat style with a touch of sophistication that gives it a modern touch.

Give your spearguns maximum protection on your spearfishing trips with the Beuchat speargun spearfishing case. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hunter, this cover will suit your style.

Matierial Nylon/PVC
Volume 870 g
Dimensions 183×20