length: 85cm

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Silent hi-tech speargun, ideal for the silent hunter


• Speargun for all types of fishing (blue water, wait and ambush, bottom fishing and indian hunting, etc)

• Open head for a excellent visibility down the target line.


• Neutral with shaft in place

• Does not cause wrist discomfort during long fishing sessions in choppy water.

• Very positive without the shaft after firing (keep the line quite tight).

• Lateral movement facilitated by the cuttlefish-shaped polyurethane mould.

High inertia 

• The design and characteristics of the mould cast provide increased buoyancy and improved inertia upon release of the shaft.

• The volume and mass of the moulded-cast barrel limit the recoil effect experienced with powerful bands.

• Increased precision.

Noise reduction 

• The polyurethane moulded-cast aluminium barrel and integrated rail allow the shaft to glide without interference noise upon firing, and consequently delays or avoids triggering the fish’s escape reflex.

• This specialised integral barrel, injected with polyurethane foam, entirely reduces shock noise from rocks during “wait and ambush” fishing, in currents or choppy water.

• Noise due to shock from various components against the barrel is also greatly decreased (powerband rings, metal wishbones, loading shaft, etc).

Integrated Shaft track
Shock Absorber
Barrel Aluminium Ø28mm
Muzzle Opened
Bands 1X16mm
Shaft 6,5mm
Wishbone Spectra